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No Quarter Magazine Issue #71 Blurb

No Quarter #71 suplexes you off the top rope with a stable full of exciting content. Step into the ring with the newest No Quarter game, Extreme Colossal Wrestling! Journey to the mysterious continent of Zu in the latest installment of “Iron Kingdoms Uncharted.” It’s Mercs versus Minions in a battle report pitting the Rhulic Hammer Strike against the new Blindwater Congregation theme force. Our Tournament Triple Threat series continues with an in-depth look at Legion of Everblight. All this, plus a Gavyn Kyle File on Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight, a glimpse into the future of one of WARMACHINE’S iconic characters, and more!

Know your army. Know your enemy. No Quarter.

Champion | Privateer Press

Serving since the dawn of civilization, the paladins of the Order of the Wall have long been seen as bastions of heroism and virtue. But even among these revered heroes, there are those who rise above the rest. Champions of the Order of the Wall inspire their fellow paladins to push past their limits to ever greater feats as they ride down enemies of the faith.

While the Order of the Wall traces its origins to Valent of Thrace almost three thousand years ago, paladins recite legends of the firs