What Others Are Saying About Josh

"I first knew Mr. Colón as a valued freelance writer. He impressed me enough with the quality of his writing and with his ability to consistently meet deadlines that I offered him a job as an assistant editor for the magazine. Mr. Colón continued to deliver top quality articles as a full-time staffer, in addition to his invaluable efforts toward the editing and project management of the magazine. He also made significant contributions to the planning of content and articles, and many of his own ideas ultimately saw publication as some of our most popular features."--Lyle Lowery, Editor-in-Chief No Quarter Magazine

"Josh proved to be an excellent communicator, establishing solid relationships with the various teams the magazine worked with, from game developers to world-building writers to art directors and designers. His skills as a writer and enthusiasm for the setting made him a proverbial jack-of-all-trades, expanding his responsibilities within the company and making him as indispensable to the creative teams as to the magazine staff. " --Michael G. Ryan, Director of Publications, Privateer Press

"Josh proved his commitment to innovation, improvement, and quality. He was enthusiastic about his work and was open to collaboration with the other writers to produce material of the best possible quality. The setting of the Iron Kingdoms is complex, with a specific tone and many years of continuity to keep straight. I believe Josh is one of the few people I’ve worked with, either internal or external, who showed the ability to understand the complexity of the material and still find room for novelty."--Matt Goetz, RPG and Writing Manager, Privateer Press

 "As the senior writer and head of fictional continuity at Privateer Press I worked closely with Josh during his time here, most actively when working on the magazine, but also in an ongoing capacity afterward. I came to view him as a valuable member of the creative team. I enjoyed brainstorming with Josh about in-process fiction projects and always found his feedback and ideas to be useful and insightful. In particular, he showed understanding for how potential story concepts might fit with individual characters and their place in our larger IP."--Douglas Seacat, Senior Writer and Head of Continuity, Privateer Press